ERISA section 3(16) Plan Level Administration


Plan Level Administration Under
ERISA section 3(16)



We provide a complete service.

Why limit yourself to just outsourcing the…

  • coordination and authorization of distribution requests
  • coordination and distribution of participant notices and
  • the signing of the form 5500?

The 3(16) fiduciary has the responsibility to…

  • fully document all plan related activities,
  • coordination and authorize distribution requests
  • coordinate the distribution of participant notices
  • sign the form 5500
  • select and monitor all other service providers
  • orient participants and provide plan information
  • apply eligibility rules to participation
  • be the point of contact for all participant needs
  • actions to enforce or interpret the terms of the Plan, or decisions on claims for benefits or other Plan-related decisions

We believe, maintaining independence between the Plan Administrator and the TPA and Recordkeeper provides critical checks and balances, maintaining un-conflicted oversight of these all important services.  A plan sponsor should recognize that not all 3(16) fiduciaries provide the same level of service, often leaving the plan sponsor with much more than just a duty to prudently select and monitor those they have hired as an outsourced fiduciary.

Those plan fiduciaries that do not have the time, feel unqualified or unsure of what is required to fulfill the day to day administrative needs of an employer sponsored retirement plan could benefit by appointing a 3(16) fiduciary to take ownership of this important responsibility.

We step between you and the plan, dramatically reducing your fiduciary liability.


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