Liability Driven Implementation


Liability Driven ImplementationSM

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You could make all the right decisions about your plan, but if you don’t thoroughly document your processes in accordance with government standards, you could still find yourself in a costly fiduciary breach.

Liability Driven ImplementationSM or LDI is the Institute’s proprietary process that drives improved documentation, enhanced investment performance and lower costs.  It’s designed to greatly reduce the likelihood of claims and provide a strong basis for a defense if it’s ever needed.

How much do you really know about fees?

They may include mutual fund management fees, 12(b)-1 fees, shareholder-servicing fees, sub-TA fees, mutual fund sales charges (sales load, CDSC, etc.), wrap fees, mortality & expense fees, investment management fees, transaction fees, or any other fee assessed to the participant’s 401(k) account.

Because a well-documented prudent process is the best way to manage the risk of fiduciary liability, we embrace technology, using redundant data protection to maintain your plan’s documented activities, cataloging communications with plan fiduciaries, service providers and participants.

Being a prudent fiduciary means employing an objective, thorough and well-documented process for running the plan.