ERISA section 3(21) Fiduciary Services


Fiduciary Services under
ERISA section 3(21)


Not all fiduciaries under ERISA section 3(21) are created equal.

The Institute serves as your plan fiduciary under Sections 3(21)(A)(i), 3(21)(A)(ii) and 3(21)(A)(iii) of ERISA.  You may think that’s what your advisor is already providing but our experience suggests that’s not likelyLearn more about the various fiduciary roles in “Unscrambling Fiduciary Confusion” on the sites main menu bar.

The Institute provides oversight to all service providers including those providing record-keeping and daily admin (TPA) services. We step into your shoes and oversee the plan as if it were you.

Under a separate agreement the Institute can serve as a participant level fiduciary providing My 401(k) Risk Manager, an opt-in discretionary participant account tactical asset allocation program.





Time is Money
For the plan sponsor, we reduce this non-revenue producing responsibility to just (2) thirty minute over-site meetings per year. Conducting these meetings online can provide an efficient time saving solution.