TAPPSS The Alternative Professional Plan Sponsor Solution

The Alternative Professional Plan Sponsor Solution

Fiduciary liability is a real thing. But like any risk in life or business, it can be managed – and, properly managed, it can actually be less expensive and more effective than struggling to avoid fiduciary status.

Working with the Institute could reduce your ongoing responsibilities and liability to as little as:

  • monitoring the Institute, consisting of (2) 30 minute compliance meetings usually conducted online,
  • controlling plan design
  • providing census and compensation data
  • remitting plan contributions

Concerns for choosing the right service providers, to participant complaints over high fees, conflicts in interest, ERISA compliance and  investment selection all disappear—and are replaced with the confidence that comes with putting your plan under expert eyes, freeing you to focus on your core business.

There is an important distinction to be made between knowing “about” something and knowing “how” to make something work.  The Retirement Readiness Institute aligns with your business so your business delivers an employee benefit that fits your corporate culture and the personality and needs of your workforce.

No Conflicts in Interest

The Retirement Readiness Institute does not provide TPA or record-keeping services. The institute believes that maintaining a clear separation between these critical services and those fiduciaries responsible for the day to day plan operations is paramount to maintaining uncompromising plan success.


Who Is a Fiduciary?  Liability Driven Implementation  Fiduciary Services  Plan Level Administration  Plan Level Discretionary Investment Management  Participant Education & Communication 


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To perform at a “prudent expert” level a fiduciary is required to maintain written documentation substantiating the decisions made on behalf of the plan.