Fiduciary and Compliance Tune-Up

Fiduciary Training

What fiduciary training have you received? 


Face it, the retirement plan doesn’t put bread on the table. The underlying business feeds everyone. Like most you don’t want to be over consumed with the management of an employee benefit, not when there is a business to run. Without the business there would be no employee benefit. Plan sponsors can’t be blamed if that’s their priority. But, they can.

Learning what you don’t know can make for happier employees and they are what makes the business run. In just under two hours, you’ll learn everything you don’t know about being a plan sponsor—without leaving your office. We’ll empower you with the knowledge and process to serve the company’s needs and in the best interests of its employees.

      • Dive into ERISA and its fiduciary roles
      • Learn what protects you from liability
      • Learn what regulators expect you to document and understand about your plan
      • Learn what is new in the way of plan features and technology that you may be missing out on
      • Learn what has changed in service provider fee arrangements, platform functionality and how to choose the best one for your participants

The DOL has been asking for proof of fiduciary training. Good governance includes fiduciary education, and fiduciary education leads to good governance.

No plan is to small to be sued.

Our fiduciary and compliance tune-up is a significant step towards documenting your fiduciary training and plan oversight