Benefits To Participant(s)

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Benefits To Participant(s)        My 401(k) Risk Manager


We manage the participant’s account so they don’t have to.

Dating back to its inception, September 2007, My 401k Risk Manager’s performance provides documented proof of its value to minimize account balance erosion during extreme market corrections and keep a participants financial sails pointed in the right direction.

“Recent Fidelity research found 77% of respondents admitted they did not have the skill, will or time to manage their own investments.” ( February 25, 2014 Rebecca Moore

The ability for employees to contribute to the plan extends to circumstances involving their entire family and financial situation.  Throughout life many people encounter situations effecting their ability to contribute to their 401(k) plan with no one to turn to for guidance.  It can be overwhelming to have to deal with the financial strain of taking care of elderly parents or deal with the impact of divorce.

Participants need someone outside of those they work with to provide an unbiased and independent perspective to…

  • improve participation
  • better understand why and how to save for retirement
  • achieve parity between ones standard of living and one’s retirement savings
  • lower financial stress




Participants want and need one-on-one human interaction. They want someone else to do it for them.